I am not an artist

Two years ago I found my favourite quote: “Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.” At that point I didn’t really have anything to live for. But I loved art, and so I drew this and it became my favourite piece.

January 2015

Now it is coming to the end of 2016 and I no longer have a desire to draw. I love art, I really do, but it made me feel bad about myself when a piece didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. Everyone always said “don’t give up” and “but you are so talented”. That in the end I was doing it purely to keep others happy that I actually forgot what I enjoyed about drawing. I still look at my old artwork and am somewhat proud of it, but I am also extremely glad that I have stopped trying so hard. The last time I had a doodle I really enjoyed it because I know that it didn’t have to look good. Unfortunately, I can’t apply that same mindset to every piece of artwork I do, so I stopped. I’m much happier now i can admire other peoples artwork, knowing that I never have to be compared to them. Admiring art makes me happy, creating art is not for me. I’m so glad to finally admit that to myself.

I feel like this didn’t completely make sense, but maybe thats ok.

Love, Mazzy xx



  1. Hello!
    You should definitely continue to draw because this is much better than anything I could do. And if you have that talent, why not? The only thing I can do that is artistic is paint by numbers (and those sometimes turn out great!). I like reading your posts and I think we have a similar interest in blogging so feel free to check mine out and follow me as well!
    Looking forward to future posts.


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