My Favourite Youtubers

YouTube is a massive part of my life and it is growing more than ever before. There is now endless people starting up their own channels and creating their own content which I think is fantastic.  This is a list of my top youtubers that I watch regularly.

Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog)


The one thing that really stands out to me is how much Alfie loves making videos,  and that is what first got me hooked on watching him (about 6 years ago). He has this positivity and confidence about him that many people adore. The content that he makes is about his life and you can see in the vlogs how he has really grown as a person and it is amazing to see. I love how raw his videos are. He doesn’t do like crazy edits or additional emotional music, he doesn’t need that, for him it’s just Alfie and his camera and sharing his life and thoughts.

Alfie is an incredible role model to young people and his videos are encouraging people to do more positive things such as joining a sports club or helping the less fortunate. And mostly what comes across in his videos is his kindness towards all people.

In 2014, Alfie released his first book which was ‘The pointless book’ and since then has released two more which have all been extremely successful. He also has ‘The Scrapbook Of My Life’, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading, and if you are a fan of Alfie’s you should definitely give it a read!

Zoe Sugg (Zoella)


I started watching Zoe Sugg around 5 years ago, so I was 15/16 years old. Most of her older content was beauty and fashion videos and hauls but now she has expanded so much and my favourite thing of hers to watch are her vlogs. Zoe isn’t a daily vlogger but when she does vlog they are usually her happy fun days with her friends, such as Mark ferris (also a youtuber). Mark and Zoe have such an incredible friendship and it’s impossible to watch a vlog with them in without smiling!

Zoe has her own beauty and lifestyle range which is very popular, especially to teens. Which leads on to why I also think she is such a wonderful role model, much like Alfie Deyes, she is relatable and a genuine kind person. And even now that she is a very well-known successful youtuber, Author and businesswoman she still stays humble (as cliché as it sounds) and stays honest with her viewers.

Louise Pentland (SprinkleOfGlitter)


Louise started out blogging and making videos about being a mummy, and artsy craft videos. The content she creates now is quite different to a few years ago, I would say now she is more honest and open and doesn’t worry so much about what people think and that is why I admire her. Louise shows the real ups and downs of life and doesn’t sugarcoat things. Her weekly vlogs are very ‘normal’ as in she shows her cleaning the house and talks about the realities of life, and that’s what a lot of people want to watch, real people doing real things. Of course we love a crazy adventure travel vlog, but nothing beats curling up  on the sofa with a cup of tea and watching a nice homey vlog.

June this year, Louise has released a book called ‘Wilde like me’, which is a number 1 best seller.



I left the SacconeJolys till last, because honestly for me they are my all time favourite. I have been watching them for a few years and I regularly binge watch their older vlogs.  Jonathan and Anna have 3 children, Emilia, Eduardo and Alessia and 6 Maltese dogs! The best thing is knowing that their children will be able to watch themselves grow up later on. Like imagine having your whole life and milestones captured on video.

Jonathan is a dedicated creator, father and husband. He does what he is passionate about, if he starts not liking the content he is creating then he changes it and adapts it. He inspires me and many others to do what we want and to work hard towards our goals. His wife, Anna started out doing beauty videos and blogging, and is very involved in the SacconeJolys vlogs but she also has her own channel where she does baby updates, hauls, advice videos and much more.

The incredible part of the vlogs is the strong bond that the kids have with their parents Anna and Jonathan. To me that is an amazing thing to be able to capture in a 16 minute video each day.

You may have noticed that many of these youtubers are very well-known. I also watch smaller youtubers, so maybe I will do a blog post on them at a later date!

Thank you so much for reading! Sorry it was a little long, I could talk about youtube for hours haha. Also the posts at the moment are a little all over the place because I am trying to give my blog a certain direction, which takes time. But for now I am happy with posting about things I am passionate about and not worrying too much about the spelling and presentation.

What youtuber inspires you the most? Let me know in the comments below!

With Love, Maz x





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