Am I vegan?

Firstly, don’t worry this post isn’t to convince you to go vegan. (If it does then bonus) haha but really this is to tell you why I went vegan.

Please note, I say the word VEGAN a lot in this post, I’m sorry haha!

What do you think of when you hear the word Vegan? Before I went vegan I used to think of vegans as someone who might be a bit hippyish and someone who eats really healthy. And then in 2015, I did some research and my mind was blown. I realised there is so much to eat and there is such a thing as a junk food vegan. In my head they just ate salad all day.

So after I found out what vegans could eat, I decided to do research into animal agriculture. One thing I always said about myself is that I am an animal lover. Yet I found myself cuddling a cat and then eating chicken for dinner. That made no sense, they are both animals, and they both deserve to live. So right there and then, I decided to stop eating meat. For 6 months I was a vegetarian, and had no desire to eat meat and had lots of alternatives. I actually think I ate more protein when I stopped eating the meat because I actually enjoyed the alternatives a lot more.

Then in October 2015, I thought fuck it I’m gonna be vegan. My dad and step mum was vegan and I saw what they ate, and I was like yes, I can do this. And so I did. My diet was much more healthy and I had so much more energy.

And now here I am, still vegan. It makes me incredibly happy because I know I am not contributing to the suffering of animals, and I’m helping the planet aswell. But, it’s not always easy, it’s probably much easier if you are a good cook or don’t have anxiety about eating new things. But I am not the best cook, it stresses me out and I hate shopping for all the ingredients, although I do want to start cooking more. And I hate trying new things, it’s like a fear that everything I eat that I haven’t tried before will make me ill. Last year I was doing well and trying lots of new things, but this year I have slowly stopped and sticking to my comfort zone haha. But the problem with that, is I now moan a lot when I am out that there is nothing I can eat. In reality, there is, I just don’t want to try it. Another problem is when people ask me why I am vegan whilst they are actually eating their dinner which happens to be meat… It is so awkward telling someone you don’t want to eat a dead animal whilst they are eating one. But they are really small problems, overall I absolutely love being vegan and I am confident I will be a vegan for life.

Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

Thank you so much for reading this, and I hope to see you back here soon! Also I will probably be talking more about this subject and go into more depth, but for now I just wanted to throw this out there!

Let me know of any questions you have for me for this series!

With love, Maz x




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