What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

I ask myself this a lot. Excluding the people I love, I’m not sure if the other things I love do make me happy. Like I love going for walks and I enjoy spending my time watching youtube, but i don’t think I can say it actually makes me happy.

Does anything actually make us happy or does it just help us through the day?

Is happy the same as content?

However, after rambling on about this, i have realised that animals do make me happy. Like beaming smile from ear to ear with happiness.

Oh geez… feel free to tell me your thoughts on this!

Love and peace! Maz x


Fresh air is good for your soul

For the past few days I haven’t felt like doing much and just wanted to snuggle up in blankets with a cuppa tea! Which is great to do! 

But today, me and Alex decided it would be good to take a walk and it was beautiful. We are in December, but today the weather was absolutely perfect! 

If you are feeling down then try and go outside and see nature. Nothing cheers me up more than seeing cute sheep and pigs and spending time with my love. 

I hope you all had a good day! What made you happy today? 

Love, Mazzy xx