Fresh air is good for your soul

For the past few days I haven’t felt like doing much and just wanted to snuggle up in blankets with a cuppa tea! Which is great to do! 

But today, me and Alex decided it would be good to take a walk and it was beautiful. We are in December, but today the weather was absolutely perfect! 

If you are feeling down then try and go outside and see nature. Nothing cheers me up more than seeing cute sheep and pigs and spending time with my love. 

I hope you all had a good day! What made you happy today? 

Love, Mazzy xx

Am I a writer?

Well, hey there. Firstly I’m just gonna say that the reason my blog is called Mazzymoon is because its a nickname that my boyfriend calls me and I just love it so much. (Also I have a tiny moon tattoo on my wrist)
I have wanted to have my own blog for a very long time but never actually did it, until now.
By no means am I a writer. But I enjoy writing. I am terrible at knowing where to put punctuation and the rest of it, but it really doesnt matter to me because this is my little place to ramble about things I want to! Sometimes it may make no sense, but thats the fun of it! 😉
Since I was young i would always write in a diary, talking about what I did that day and what I ate and who is my latest crush. I always loved writing but last year I stopped writing in my diary because I realised it was all becoming the same mundane things day in and day out. In the end I wasnt actually writing my opinions or feelings on things, and that was the point I was doing it in the first place! I was purely writing what I was eating or what I watched on TV. I even included the time that I did those activities. It didn’t take long for me to realise there is no point because in 10 years time it wouldn’t be a very interesting thing for me to read. Did I really want to know what i ate on this day when im 30 years old?
I am 21 years old now and have recently found the love of my life and my life has completely changed. I want to document that.

Love, Mazzy xx